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            Company profile
            QiangNiu Incorporated, located Qiangpu, Shanghai, China. designs, manufactures, services and supports a complete line of machinery for powder filing and granular filling, feeding of Products used in the packaging of food Products, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and cosmetics. Machinery is sold to 30 provinces, Hongkong and Taiwan and export to America, Europe, Southeast Asia, etc. Its major Products include:Auger Filling Machines Automatic Can Feeding, Filling and Packaging MachinesVertical Form Fill Seal Packaging MachinesInclined Horizontal Screw Feeders & Conveyors Mixing MachinesCustom-Built Filling Machine SystemsEngineering Services for Turn-Key Systems Founded in 2007s, Qiangniu’s offering is an economical, highly reliable auger filler for powder filling and granular filling that featured a simplified, “;no nonsense”; design that could accurately dispense product with a minimum of setup, maintenance or operator intervention. The Business Philosophy of QiangNiupack Company:"Innovation,High Quality and Good Faith" Innovation: We will innovate actively to update and renew our products constantly,orient our products to users requirements and supply satisfactory products to users,In this way, we will be able to continue to take the lead in the field of packaging technology of fine powders in China,and dash forward to attain to the world top level in this field. High Quality: To meet customer, machine quality is controlled step by step from design and leave factory.All the critical components of world famous brands are adopted in our machines to ensure long time and steady operation. Good Faith: Company principle: Sparkpluging trust, Huaman beings is essential, down-to-earth and being practical and realistic. Working in after service continuously, Mutually create double-win between customer and us.
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